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Parenting Teens With Success (ebook)

Teenagers today are a lot different than how we were growing up. This ebook, Parenting Teens With Success, provides interesting guidance and tips along the path of parenting teens of the 21st century.

Contents Covered in this ebook:

  • Challenges in Parenting Teens
  • Setting Boundaries When Parenting Teens
  • Signs That Something's Wrong with Your Teen
  • Selecting the Battles
  • Handling Your Teen's Use of Phone
  • How To Handle Your Teen's Mood Swings
  • Handling Your Teens Inappropriate Friends
  • How To Help Your Teen's Drinking and Drug Issues
  • How To Involve Your Teen with House Chores
  • Creating Stronger Ties With Your Teen

Grab the ebook for positive parenting your teen through thoughtful guidance, creative tips and advice, and sincere suggestions.

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