Solar System Extreme - Astronomy Bundle

You will love the Solar System EXTREME Bundle Pack!

In this pack you get:

  • Astronomy Log Book (119 observation pages for teens)
  • Astronomy Log Book for kids (114 variety pages)
  • Famous Scientists of who and what they did (20 pages) 
  • Planet Face Cards full of facts and information of planets and the solar system (30 cards)
  • Solar System EXTREME activity pack (357 pages) with more planets reviews as well as activities, mazes, puzzles, coloring pages, dot coloring, and games!

If you need to teach the solar system to your kids, this is the perfect pack to do that with. They will learn the planet names, the order of the planets, how to spell them, and will also cover specific facts about each planet. 

How To Use This Bundle Pack

You can do field trips or hands-on activities using the log books that are perfect for your child's age. We have two different kinds: one for teens and one for younger kids. The teens are a little bit more in depth with additional fields to answer and observe. The kids pages have spaces for coloring and lines to write facts in addition to observation calculations.

The Solar System EXTREME Bundle Pack is perfect for all ages, from preschool through high school. You can teach your kids together as a family with similar resources doing lessons together! Use these as *the*curriculum itself to teach about the planets and scientists as an introduction to astronomy for younger kids. You can also use this bundle pack as supplemental resources alongside your science astronomy curriculum.

The activities in the The Solar System EXTREME Bundle Pack are set up to introduce the solar system to younger kids, review information for middle age kids, and take a deeper look into astronomy with older kids. They will love being astronomer scientists!

The solar system EXTREME activity pack will serve as the ideal resource to learn beside any astronomy curriculum! Or, if you want to create your own astronomy lessons DIY style or eclectic style, use these in a more creative way for projects!

Color/Black and White

I always like to know if printables are color or black/white so I know what to expect when I get them and also to prepare for what I'm getting. In this case, and because there are hundreds of pages in this bundle, I want to share the same courtesy with you.

About half the pages, overall, are color and the other half are white.

  • Planet Fact Cards - color
  • Astronomy Log Book for Kids - black/white
  • Astronomy Log Book for Teens - black/white
  • Famous Scientists - color
  • Solar System Extreme Activity Pack - some color, most black/white

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