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Solar System Extreme - Astronomy Bundle

You will love the Solar System EXTREME Bundle Pack!

Did you know that being a homeschooling mom is a lot like being an astronaut? Think about it: you're constantly exploring uncharted territories (hello, teaching long division!), experiencing zero gravity (that feeling when your kiddo finally "gets" a concept), and sometimes, let's be honest, you feel like you're lightyears away from other adults. (Can I get an "Amen"?) 🌠

Well, buckle up, fellow homeschooling space traveler! We're about to embark on an intergalactic journey that's out of this world with our Solar System Extreme Printables Pack! 🌍  ✨ 

For kids AND teens!

This cosmic collection of printables is specially designed to make teaching the solar system a supernova-sized blast! (See what I did there? 😉) With over 600 total pages of activities, fact files, scientist worksheets, and games, your little astronauts will be over the moon as they dive deep into the mysteries of our galactic neighborhood. 🌙 🔭 

Our Solar System Extreme Printables Pack includes:

  • Astronomy Log Book for Teens (119 observation pages for teens) Your teen's ultimate guide to the cosmos! This astronomy log book is designed for teen stargazers to record their celestial observations, complete with constellation doodles, space for moon musings, and a galactic bucket list. It's the perfect companion for any aspiring astronomer

  • Astronomy Log Book for Kids (114 variety pages) Calling all young space explorers! This kids' astronomy log book is packed with pages for recording observations, drawing constellations, and even documenting alien encounters (the friendly kind, of course).

  • Famous Scientists of who and what they did (20 pages) Discover the world's most brilliant scientific minds with this collection of fun and informative Scientist profiles. Learn about the scientists who played with lightning, the ones who created monsters in their labs (well, sort of), and those who made the universe their playground. It's a journey through history that will leave you in awe of the geniuses who shaped our understanding of the cosmos! 🔬⚗️

  • Planetary Fact Files: (30 cards) - Like a hilarious "speed dating" style introduction to each planet. (Mars may be single and ready to mingle, but watch out for his temper! 🔥)

  • Solar System EXTREME activity pack (357 pages) with more planets reviews as well as activities, mazes, puzzles, coloring pages, dot coloring, and games! Prepare for an interstellar journey filled with out-of-this-world fun for the entire family! This epic Solar System EXTREME Adventure Bundle boasts over 350 pages of space-themed excitement, including perplexing planet quizzes, cosmic coloring pages, gravity-defying games, and mystifying mazes that will challenge even the sharpest space cadets. Strap in and get ready for a whirlwind adventure through the cosmos that's both entertaining and educational! 🚀🌠

*BONUS* Alien Invasion Mad Libs: Prepare for side-splitting laughter as your kids create wacky stories about extraterrestrial visitors, all while practicing their grammar. 👽

This huge Solar System includes over 600 pages of straight up awesomeness. (Go big or go home.) 🌎

If you need to teach the solar system to your kids, this is the perfect pack to do that with. FOR ALL TEENS and KIDS

How To Use This Bundle Pack

You can do field trips or hands-on activities using the log books that are perfect for your child's age. We have two different kinds: one for teens and one for younger kids. The teens are a little bit more in depth with additional fields to answer and observe. The kids pages have spaces for coloring and lines to write facts in addition to observation calculations.

The Solar System EXTREME Bundle Pack is perfect for all ages, from preschool through high school. You can teach your kids together as a family with similar resources doing lessons together! Use these as *the*curriculum itself to teach about the planets and scientists as an introduction to astronomy for younger kids. You can also use this bundle pack as supplemental resources alongside your science astronomy curriculum.

The activities in the The Solar System EXTREME Bundle Pack are set up to introduce the solar system to younger kids, review information for middle age kids, and take a deeper look into astronomy with older kids. They will love being astronomer scientists!

The solar system EXTREME activity pack will serve as the ideal resource to learn beside any astronomy curriculum! Or, if you want to create your own astronomy lessons DIY style or eclectic style, use these in a more creative way for projects!

Color/Black and White

I always like to know if printables are color or black/white so I know what to expect when I get them and also to prepare for what I'm getting. In this case, and because there are hundreds of pages in this bundle, I want to share the same courtesy with you.

About half the pages, overall, are color and the other half are white.

  • Planet Fact Cards - color
  • Astronomy Log Book for Kids - black/white
  • Astronomy Log Book for Teens - black/white
  • Famous Scientists - color
  • Solar System Extreme Activity Pack - some color, most black/white
  • ***BONUS: Alien Invasion Mad Libs

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