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2023 Homeschool Mom Summit: Winter Refresh Edition - Lifetime VIP Pass (Evergreen)

Gain lifetime access to the Homeschool Mom Summit: Winter Refresh Edition with 50 speakers and nearly 80 workshops! 

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Are You Ready to Transform Your Homeschool Planning?

Homeschool planning doesn't have to feel like navigating a maze without a map. Imagine having a clear, step-by-step guide that turns confusion into confidence. That's exactly what the HMS: Winter Refresh Edition is all about! This isn't just another collection of workshops; it's a dedicated homeschool planning summit designed to make your homeschooling journey organized, enjoyable, and effective. 🏠📖🎓

Build Something [or Someone!!] Extraordinary!

Ever tried to build a piece of furniture without instructions? If you're anything like me, you might end up with a lopsided shelf or an extra mystery piece (or two). Planning your homeschool year without guidance can feel the same way - a bit wobbly with some leftover confusion. That's where the HMS: Winter Refresh Edition comes in. It's like having an expert carpenter by your side, showing you how to build a solid, beautiful learning environment. Only, in this case, you don't end up with a quirky coffee table; you get a confident, thriving homeschool experience. Ready to build something extraordinary? 🏠🔨😊


  1. Nearly 80 Workshops: Dive into these interactive and engaging sessions, including exclusive in-demand workshops all about starting your own homeschool blog or business online.
  2. Expert Categories: Your one-stop shop for homeschool planning, curriculum resources and lesson planning, planning and productivity, how to homeschool, encouragement for mom, faith, and more.
  3. Tons of Wildcard Topics: Explore a delightful modge podge of random topics:
    • 5 Easy Ways to Teach Social Emotional Learning
    • Roadschool 'Round the World
    • Help! Do I have to teach my child Math?
    • 10 Crazy Facts About Your Brain
    • ...and many more!
  4. Lifetime Access: Watch, pause, rewind, and rewatch. Your pass, your pace.
  5. Private Podcast: A VIP-exclusive series filled with inspiration, tips, and encouragement.

You will find pre-recorded workshops within this summit platform as well as private podcast and exclusive business workshops!

Cook Up a Joyful Homeschool Experience 🍽️

You know how cooking a meal without a recipe can turn into a kitchen disaster? Think of homeschooling without a plan as whipping up education à la mode – it might work, but chances are, it could use a sprinkle of strategy. Our Winter Refresh Edition isn't just a lesson-plan cookbook; it's the secret sauce to a delightful homeschooling feast.

Become the chef who knows how to make education flavorful for your kids while saving yourself time, tears, and perhaps a burnt math lesson or two. Now, who wouldn't want a bite of that? 🍽️😉

Why Grab This?

  1. Comprehensive Planning Workshops: Over 60 targeted sessions focused on planning, organization, and execution, including exclusive content on starting your homeschool blog or business.
  2. Curriculum Resources and Lesson Planning: Expert tips and guidance to select the best materials and create lessons that inspire.
  3. Planning and Productivity Strategies: Proven methods to streamline your daily routine and make the most of your time.
  4. Stress-Free Planning Tools: Access templates, guides, and more to take the hassle out of homeschool planning.
  5. Lifetime Access & Private Podcast: Your key to ongoing success, with the freedom to revisit content whenever you need a refresh.

Excited yet? I sure am!

How This Will Help You -> Focused Homeschool Planning:

📅 Seamless Scheduling: Say goodbye to chaotic mornings and last-minute scrambling. Create a smooth daily rhythm that works for your family.

👨‍👩‍👧 Family Alignment: Involve everyone in the planning process and craft an educational journey that aligns with your family’s values and goals.

🌟 Confident Execution: With the right plan in place, teaching becomes joyful and purposeful, not overwhelming.

🧠 Tailored Education: Unlock the potential to customize education to fit each child’s unique needs, interests, and strengths.

🕐 Time Mastery: Free up your time for what really matters by implementing efficient planning strategies.

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Ready to Dive into Intentional Homeschool Planning?

Whether you're a seasoned homeschool mom or just starting out, the HMS: Winter Refresh Edition provides the tools, insights, and community you need to plan your homeschool year with clarity and joy.

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