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Rooted Table Nutrition LLC

Rooted Table is a powerful online community where naturally-minded mothers are empowered to be their kids’ primary care providers, by learning to assess their children's symptoms, confidently determine how to support the body through illness (whether going to the ER or at home), and care for their kids without feeling nervous, incompetent or compromising in their convictions! Rooted Table was created by Hollie, an ER-nurse-turned-naturpathic-mama, whose own family’s dis-health led her to take charge of her family’s health through nutrition and other traditional therapies. Based on her combined experience and wisdom as an ER nurse, Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Certified GAPS Practitioner and a wife and homeschool mama, Hollie’s passion is helping other mothers who think outside the box be empowered to follow their God-given intuition and become their families’ primary care providers with confidence and expertise! 

Learn more about Rooted Table Nutrition LLC by Hollie Bigham.


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